Dr. Jessica Visser

Medical Doctor, Masters of Business Administration

I was born and raised in Florida and attended University of Florida (Go Gators) for my under graduate studies.I received a B.A. in Spanish in 2006, I taught high school Spanish for one year at Ft. Pierce Central. Then I was accepted into St. Matthew's Medical School in the Cayman Islands. I finished classes there and started my clinical rotations in Orlando, Kissimmee, Pensacola, Falls Church, VA. After medical school graduation I attended Family Medicine Residency in Bristol, TN for 3 years. After finishing Residency I was hired at Florida Gulf Coast Hospital in Ft. Meyers, FL.

Why I chose to start Visser Health LLC

In 2016 I visited a Dermatologist Dr. Badia in Ft. Meyers for a minor procedure. I had a spot on my chin that I wanted removed long story short. Dr. Badia allowed his P.A. to excise the spot on my chin. The area did not heal properly and left an atrophic scar. I was sent to Dr. Kim a plastic surgeon to have Restylane placed in the atrophic scar. After I saw the results of my filler injection I knew I wanted to help others with facial issues. 

I have included some pictures of my journey.